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Find & Join Engagement Pods

Once you install the extension, you will be able to find, create and join engagements pods.

You can choose to make them publicly accessible, or only private for your company/community.

Share your Posts

Engage Instantly & Automatically

You can add up to 200 members and generate 50 engagements (more organic & random) per pod.

Invite members to your pod or make it public to the world. The days of slack/whatsapp groups are over.

Increase Your Reach

Go Viral

Members from your pod will automatically like and/or comment your post.

Alcapod is the best way to organically boost your campaigns.


Pod Control

Admins will receive notifications to accept, reject or ban members: you have total control.


Validation Settings

Posts can be auto-validated or manually validated. Users can choose to auto-like and/or auto-comment.


No Limit

Use as many pods as you want, public or private.


Simple & transparent pricing.



for pods with less than 10 members

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for one pod

  • 1 post per pod every 24 hour
  • Up to 200 members
  • Up to 50 likes/comments
  • Dedicated IP
  • Each member pays for the pod
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for one pod

  • 1 post per user every 24 hour
  • Up to 200 members
  • Up to 50 likes/comments
  • Dedicated IP for the pod
  • The owner pays for the pod
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Check the documentation if you need additional information.

Public or Private pod?

Public pods are visible in the "marketplace". Private pods are paid by the owner, while in a public pod, each member pays independently from the other.

How do I join pods?

You can join a pod by finding it on the "marketplace" or by adding a code someone shared with you.

1 post per pod per 24 hours?

For better engagements, quality is far better than quantity. Alcapod has been designed to help you kick start your campaign, not entirely run it.

How is billing working?

Everything is based on usage: once you join a public pod, we add 3€ to your monthly invoice. You can enter/leave pods anytime, which will reflect on your invoice.

Is it safe?

Alcapod is no magic, we simply help you kick start your campaign on LinkedIn. We're applying limitations, IPs management etc. to create a more organic automation.

Are there any free pods?

Pods are completely free up to 10 members. This gives you a very good overview of the capabilities of the tool.

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